As the future generation, nothing is more important than the young people of our society, which is why we make sure that they all have the opportunity to explore God’s love and promises for themselves.

We value the importance of not only providing excellent facilities but also providing the younger generation with guidance and programmes to encourage their spiritual growth.

If you would like more information on the groups below please phone up the church on 01843 221259 or speak to a member of the Welcome Team at the beginning of the service for Breakout Sunday and they will point you in the right direction.

Breakout Sunday

This runs during our main Sunday morning service. The children leave for their groups (separated into 4 different age ranges) after the praise and worship. Please note that the parent/carer in charge of the child needs to be in the Sunday Service if the child is in Breakout Sunday.

  • Bubbles (Age 3 to Reception)
  • Splash (School year 1-3)
  • X-stream (School year 4-6)
  • Rapids (School year 7-8)

Breakout Juniors

Click here to see our live Breakout Juniors page…

Monday 5.50pm to 7.00pm during term time. For every boy and girl aged 5 1/2 to 9.

We have:

  • Games
  • Drama
  • Craft
  • Stories
  • Icebreakers
  • Prizes
  • Buckets loads of fun

A highly original children’s group for this age group. We have a magazine-style session. Each session has a Christian theme with plenty of fun and variety which is incorporated within the games, drama and craft, and yes the children have a tuck shop – very popular at this age!


Friday 7.30pm to 9.00pm (fortnightly) during term time. For every boy and girl aged 9 to 13.

We have:

  • Great games
  • Funny challenges
  • Prizes
  • Tuck shop
  • Oh and loads of fun!!

You bring:

  • Friends and make new friends
  • Lots of fun!!

This group has fun, fun and more fun with many wacky and varied games and challenges. The children don’t have time to catch their breath within the very fast-paced session and there is a thought-provoking topic woven into the session each week. A tuck shop is available at the end of the evening for the young people to purchase sweets and soft drinks.

We use Rock Solid session material and this format is ideal for the energetic youngsters. This group is very popular and young people rave over the great time they have had!