10 Reasons Why You Need a Small Group

It has often been said that Churches do not have small groups, churches are small groups. Small Groups are mid-week groups that meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis and are a great way to get to know other people and develop one’s relationship with God. In small groups we do life together and walk the amazing road of discipleship with one another, sharing in each other’s burdens, joys, and tears. Small groups is the very fabric of the church community. Discipleship is experienced more fully in living rooms during the week than in Church pews on Sundays (although this is the best starting point). Let’s look at 10 reasons why you need a small group and why a small group needs you.

  1. In a small group we learn the simple yet profound truth that life is messy, unpredictable and prone to unexpected change. We also learn that amidst those realities we have got God and people walking right beside us. We are able to meet the messiness of life with the hope of the Gospel and the support of fellow believers.

  2. In small groups our worldview gets challenged and enlarged. All of us are holding on to certain beliefs and convictions that are inconsistent with God’s character and the truth of the Bible. We need others to challenge those ideas and to help us embrace the life-changing truths found within the person of Christ and the pages of the Bible.

  3. In small groups we learn how to talk about our faith and articulate it in meaningful ways. It is through consistent engagement and discussion that we are not only able to think better about our faith but also communicate it in relevant and meaningful ways.

  4. In small groups we make friends and build meaningful relationships. We get to know people and aspects of their lives that we would otherwise not have known. Our lives are enriched much more through people than things.

  5. In small groups we get to know God more and learn about him through others’ walk with him. We are encouraged to trust God for provision when we hear about his faithful provision in somebody else’s life. Other people serve as a testament to the character of God that the Bible speaks about.

  6. In small groups we learn that relationship it truly the source of meaning (with God and with others). Our lives are infused with lasting and significant value when relationship with God and with people intersect with one another.

  7. In small groups we learn how to become outward looking – to rejoice with others’ victories and grieve with them during their loss. We allow ourselves to enter other people’s worlds and shape them for the better.

  8. In small groups we learn how to love and care for people in real, practical, and tangible ways. This happens through prayer, ministry, making a cup of coffee or visiting them in time of illness or difficulty.  

  9. In small groups we learn the value of discipline, commitment & consistency. We learn this not only by attending small group meeting amidst the challenging demands of life but also towards the very people we have given our lives to.

  10. In small groups we learn that doing life together is so much better than doing it alone. We have the privilege to learn from others but also have the opportunity that others may learn from us.

It should not come as a surprise to us that Jesus himself thought it best to work out the process of discipleship in a small group of 12 men. That is where they encountered his love and truth in the clearest and most profound way. Let’s get involved in a small group and walk this road of discipleship with others who are seeking to follow in the steps where Jesus left his.