No Brokenness Is Too Broken For God

The Cambridge Dictionary defines brokenness as “a condition in which something is badly damaged and unable to continue or work correctly” as well as “a state of strong emotional pain that stops someone from living a normal or healthy life”. We all carry this brokenness in ourselves due to the reality of sin, whether due to our own or the sin others committed against us. Our brokenness may vary in kind and degree, but none of us can claim wholeness in our person. This wholeness will never be a reality on this side of eternity although God will increasingly work in us until the day we see Jesus face to face.

It is often a reality that many things in life are beyond repair. Things are so broken that they must be discarded. Isn’t it wonderful that that is never the case with you and me! Our brokenness is never too broken for God. I think this says much more about God than it does about us. He is able enough, wise enough, powerful enough, kind enough, patient enough, gracious enough, loving enough and committed enough to address any and all of our brokenness in such a way that we are made whole and complete again. 

This is not a quick fix and sometimes our brokenness runs so deep that God needs to revisit it on multiple occasions – not because he cannot fix it in an instant but because we would not be able to handle such a transformation instantly. For our sake, the Great Healer knows exactly what we need to bring life where there previously wasn’t, to bring wholeness where we were previously broken. I remember how the Holy Spirit ministered to me, 5 years apart, in an area of brokenness I had. The second time he did what could not be done the first time around but what was necessary in that area. The consistency of his ministry is many times the healing balm our souls so desperately need. It is exactly because God made us that he knows exactly what we need to become whole again. This God that we serve knows even the number of hairs on our heads (Luke 12:7). How much more does he not know those deep and impacting realities of our lives? He desires greatly to bring healing and restoration to those areas. 

You may ask, to what state is God making us whole or what is the end goal of his hand of healing in our brokenness? The answer is mind-blowing if you think about it. The Father is paying us such high respect because nothing short of conforming us to his precious Son is worthy of his plan for us. We are being made like Jesus as the Holy Spirit addresses and heals those deep wounds we all carry within us. 

Remember, God is making all things new, and that includes the brokenness you & I carry.