Sunday Service Replay – 2022

14 Aug 2022

Multiple Speakers

Our 11am “in-person” Sunday Service is live-streamed each week for those who are unable to attend the service in person. It is a blessing to be able to fellowship together and chat live via either the ChurchOnline platform (this is where the majority of our “onliners” are) or YouTube.

You can view replays of all the Sunday Services (online and onsite) to date on the New Life Family Church YouTube page, just click on the image below.

For ease also, below is a list of the 2022 dates, speakers, and titles, with a direct link to the point in the service where the word begins. This list will be added to at the beginning of each week.

  1. Sunday 9th January – Nico Roestorff: “Being Intentionally Intentional in 2022“.
  2. Sunday 16th January – Rashelle Roestorff: “The Importance of Community and Doing Life Together“.
  3. Sunday 23rd January – Nico Roestorff: “Rediscovering The Lost Discipline of Fasting“.
  4. Sunday 30th January – Nico Roestorff: “A Call To Faithful Stewardship“.
  5. Sunday 6th February – Nico Roestorff:Relationship starts with God“.
  6. Sunday 13th February – Rashelle Roestorff: “Love, Godly vrs Worldly“.
  7. Sunday 20th February – George & Chiemene Hauptfliesch: “Flourishing Relationships in a Developing World“.
  8. Sunday 27th February – Rashelle Roestorff: “The Appeal to Reconciliation”.
  9. Sunday 6th March – Rashelle Roestorff: “The Hands That Build A Vision“.
  10. Sunday 13th March – Nico Roestorff: “Vision That Directs“.
  11. Sunday 20th March – Joshua Thomson: “God and Love“.
  12. Sunday 27th March – Liz Burrows: “The Mother’s Nurturing Heart“.
  13. Sunday 3rd April – Vee Doyle-Davidson: “New Things in God’s Grace”.
  14. Sunday 10th April – Rashelle Roestorff: “The Declaration of The Messiah“.
  15. Sunday 17th April – Eddie Rowlands: “Resurrection Sunday“.
  16. Sunday 24th April – Nico Roestorff: “A Reasoned Faith“.
  17. Sunday 1st May – Nico & Rashelle Roestorff: “Got Questions: Week One“.
  18. Sunday 8th May – Nico Roestorff:Got Questions: Week Two“.
  19. Sunday 15th May – Nico & Rashelle Roestorff: “Got Questions: Week Three“.
  20. Sunday 22nd May – Nico Roestorff: “Got Questions: Week Four“.
  21. Sunday 29th May – Joshua Thomson: “Got Questions: Week Five“.
  22. Sunday 5th May – Rashelle Roestorff: “Pentecost Sunday“.
  23. Sunday 12th June – Nico Roestorff: “The All Sufficiency of Jesus“.
  24. Sunday 19th June – Philip Young: “The Power of A Blessing“.
  25. Sunday 26th June – All Age Family Service: “No Replay from Today”.
  26. Sunday 3rd July – Rashelle Roestorff: “James: Chapter One“.
  27. Sunday 10th July – Nico Roestorff: “James: Chapter Two“.
  28. Sunday 17th July – Rashelle Roestorff: “James: Chapter Three“.
  29. Sunday 24th July – Liz Burrows: “James: Chapter Four“.
  30. Sunday 31st July – Lloyd Rowlands: “Sharing on the work in Lubumbashi, DR Congo“.
  31. Sunday 7th August – Jan Fletcher: “James: Chapter Five“.
  32. Sunday 14th August – Nico Roestorff: The Dwelling Place of God”.
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