Online Sunday Service Replay 2021

19 Dec 2021

Multiple Speakers

In 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we stayed with online-only services until the 20th of June.

Sunday 27th June was our first onsite and online service (with limited numbers onsite due to the restrictions) and Sunday 25th July was our first onsite in-person service without limited numbers, what a celebration! The service is still live-streamed each week for those who are unable to attend in person.

Our online service has enabled us all to join together to fellowship via the ChurchOnline platform or YouTube still at the same time, 11am each week and this is such a blessing.

You can view replays of all the Sunday Services (online and onsite) to date on the New Life Family Church YouTube page, just click on the image below.

Below is a list of the 2021 dates, speakers, and titles, with a direct link to the point in the service where the word begins. This list will be added to each week.

  1. Sunday 3rd January – The Pastoral Team: “Looking Back, Now Pressing Forward with Hope“.
  2. Sunday 10th January – George & Chiemene Hauptfleisch: “Overflowing Hope“.
  3. Sunday 17th January – George Hauptfleisch: “God of Hope“.
  4. Sunday 24th January – Nico & Rashelle Roestorff: “A Hope Grounded“.
  5. Sunday 31st January – Philip Young: “The God of Hope“.
  6. Sunday 7th February – Chuck Day: “A Hope-Filled Future“.
  7. Sunday 14th February – Tom & Jo Griffiths: “I Believe in a Thing Called Love“.
  8. Sunday 21st February – George Hauptfleisch: “Hope Without Limits“.
  9. Sunday 28th February – Veronica: “The Joy That Comes from the God of Hope”.
  10. Sunday 7th February – Eddie Rowlands: “Looking for That Blessed Hope“.
  11. Sunday 14th March – Josh Thomson: “Hope without Faith is Hopeless“.
  12. Sunday 21st March – Chiemene Hauptfliesch: “The Journey Back To Hope”.
  13. Sunday 28th March – John Grobler: “Christ is the Light Through The Darkness“.
  14. Sunday 4th April – Dr John Andrews: “The Resurrection: From A Stone To A Seat“.
  15. Sunday 11th April – George Hauptfleisch: “The Power of Togetherness“.
  16. Sunday 18th April – Tom Griffiths: “Together“.
  17. Sunday 25th April – Philip Young: “The Great Gathering“.
  18. Sunday 2nd May – Nico Roestorff: “The Church in Metaphors“.
  19. Sunday 9th May – Chiemene Hauptfliesh: “Unity Ushers in the Commanded Blessing“.
  20. Sunday 16th May – Josh Thomson: “Breakfast by the Sea“.
  21. Sunday 23rd May – George Hauptfleisch: “Overcoming Loneliness“.
  22. Sunday 30th May – Rashelle Roestorff:How Does God Bring Togetherness?“.
  23. Sunday 6th June – Tom Griffiths: “Greater Than The Sum Of Our Parts“.
  24. Sunday 13th June – Nico Roestorff: “The Fabric Of The Church – Living The Communal Life That Is Pleasing To God
  25. Sunday 20th June – Philip Young: “Gathering With Gods People“.
  26. Sunday 27th June – George Hauptfleisch: “I Am Doing A New Thing“.
  27. Sunday 4th July – Jo Griffiths: “Seasons“.
  28. Sunday 11th July – George Hauptfleisch: “Abraham“.
  29. Sunday 18th July – Eddie Rowlands: “Living in the Fullness of a New Thing“.
  30. Sunday 25th July – Josh Thomson: “New In Christ“.
  31. Sunday 1st August – Nico Roestorff: “Old Ways in New Seasons”.
  32. Sunday 8th August – Chiemene Hauptfleisch: “The Voice of God in the Wilderness“.
  33. Sunday 15th – Tom Griffiths: “The Kingdom of God”.
  34. Sunday 22nd August – Dr John Andrews:Two Sides of One Love – The Compassion of the Lord“.
  35. Sunday 29th August – Dr John Andrews:Two Sides of One Love – The Challange from the Lord“.
  36. Sunday 5th September – George Hauptfleisch:Lord Here I Am Send Me“.
  37. Sunday 12th September – Nico Roestorff:From Remission to Commission: How Forgiveness Liberates Us To Witness“.
  38. Sunday 19th September – Chiemene Hauptfleisch: “Radically Changed by the Kindness of Jesus!
  39. Sunday 26th September – Rashelle Roestorff: “The Journey of Being Sent“.
  40. Sunday 3rd October – Philip Young: “I Have Chosen You!“.
  41. Sunday 10th October – Eddie Rowlands: “An Encounter With God That Changed From “Woe to Go”“.
  42. Sunday 17th October – Josh Thomson: “It’s Because We Are Chosen, We Respond“.
  43. Sunday 24th October – Chiemene Hauptfliesch: “Talking to Jesus: Building a House of Prayer“.
  44. Sunday 31st October – George Hauptfliesch: “Talking To The Father“.
  45. Sunday 7th November – Nico & Rashelle Roestorff: “Dynamics of Prayer“.
  46. Sunday 14th November – Dr John Andrews: “More Blessed to Give Than Receive”.
  47. Sunday 21st November – Nico Roestorff: “Honest Prayers, Vulnerable Hearts“.
  48. Sunday 28th November – George & Chiemene Hauptfliesch:It’s Not Just About The Destination, It’s About The Journey Too“.
  49. Sunday 5th December – “Congratulations, Goodbye & Welcome“.
  50. Sunday 12th December – Nico Roestorff: “Watching and Waiting“.
  51. Sunday 19th December – NLFC Family Carol Service“.
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