Spring Conference – “Winning in the Wilderness”

5 Jun 2020

Dr John Andrews

Our Spring Conference with Dr John Andrews this year was a little different. We were unable to all meet in person but we were still able to join together and hear John’s teaching online. He spoke on the subject “Winning in the Wilderness” from Luke 4 v1-13.

Thank you to John and all who were involved in facilitating the online sessions.

Here are links to each of the 3 main sessions that took place over the weekend with the key take-home points from each session.

Friday 5th June @ 7pm – Session 1“Standing on His Promise”

  1. Create time and space – make a date 
  2. Have a plan 
  3. Prepare your heart 
  4. Read slowly 
  5. Read out loud 
  6. Record your thoughts 
  7. Reflect and Rehearse

Saturday 6th June @ 7pm – Session 2“Sticking with His Purpose”

  1. Surrender to His Wisdom – He knows best 
  2. Submission to His Will – this is best 
  3. Security in His Ways – He can do what you need Him to do

Sunday 7th June @ 11am – Session 3“Staying in His Presence”

  1. Faith says ‘He’s here’ when my feelings say ‘He’s not’
  2. Truth says ‘He’s here’ when my circumstances say ‘He’s not’ 
  3. Worship says ‘He’s here’ when the enemy says ‘He’s not’
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